Sean B. Carroll

The GGA welcomes

Sean B. Carroll, April 10th

GGA Seminar Series April 10th @ 1:30 pm Stephens Room (3503 Thomas Hall)

ABSTRACT: The origin of novelty is one of the central questions of evolution. One of the key issues concerning the genetic basis of novelty is the extent to which novelty requires the evolution of new genes. My laboratory has been focused on the genetic mechanisms underlying the evolution of animal form, and more recently, on biochemical novelties such as the evolution of snake venom. We have found that the evolution of gene regulatory sequences is the predominant mechanism underlying the evolution of morphological traits, while the evolution of protein activity involves a variety of genetic mechanisms depending upon whether evolutionary change involves the amount or specificity of proteins. The increasing empirical understanding of how different kinds of traits arise is driving a major rethinking of the role of gene duplication in evolution.

“Brave Genius: A Scientist’s Journey from the French Resistance to the Nobel Prize”, April 10th @ 6:30-7:30 pm Duke Energy Hall, Hunt Library

Dr. Carroll will discuss this book “Brave Genius”, about the intertwined lives of biochemist Jacques Monod and philosopher Albert Camus during the french resistance of WWII. This event will be open to the public.

ABSTRACT: Brave Genius is a story of the transformation of ordinary lives into exceptional lives by extraordinary events – of courage in the face of overwhelming adversity, the flowering of creative genius, deep friendship, and of profound concern for and insight into the human condition.

The stars aligned for physicist Sean M. Carroll (right) and evolutionary developmental biologist Sean B. Carroll (left) to speak at NC State on the same week. Check out Sean M. Carroll at the James B. Hunt Jr. Library on April 14.