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Our Team

Building a greater understanding of genetics and genomics to enhance the flourishing of societies and ecosystems.

The Genetics and Genomics Academy (GGA)

Genetics and genomics are central to all life sciences, and can no longer be seen as isolated specialties or programs. The GGA recognizes this, and its goal is to leverage NC State’s rich legacy in genetics to connect and invigorate our other unique strengths in the life sciences, and ultimately drive excellence in transdisciplinary research and training. The reach of the GGA is from the basic to the applied, from molecules to ecosystems, from the traditional to the cutting-edge, integrating all of these areas to maximize impact on fundamental knowledge and positive societal outcomes.

Our Mission: To develop and use genetics and genomics knowledge to enhance the wellbeing of societies and ecosystems.

The GGA Community

The GGA brings together faculty and trainees from across the University engaged in outstanding research and teaching, and provides a strong platform and novel connections for interdisciplinary interactions. The GGA is home to the Genetics and Genomics Scholars (GG Scholars) program, NC State’s first umbrella PhD training program. The GGA hosts Research Interest Groups (RIGs), GGA-member-driven communities centered on fundamental and emerging research areas. The GGA serves as a hub for the sharing of scientific discovery, through an annual GGA retreat, a world-class seminar series, and extensive public education and outreach efforts at a variety of scales. Together, this network of GGA activities will allow NC State to produce excellence in transdisciplinary research, recruit the best young scientists, and enhance our reputation and competitiveness as a strong research university.

The Executive Committee

Martha Burford Reiskind

Director of GGA Graduate Programs, Associate Research Professor

Amanda Krentzel

Grants Coordinator/Proposal Developer

Meg Pugsley

GGA and GG Scholars Communications and Outreach Specialist

Anna Stepanova

Associate Professor of Plant and Microbial Biology, GGA Executive Committee Member

Claire Gordy

Head of GGA Education Committee, Associate Teaching Professor of Biological Sciences