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Our Aspirations

Spring 2024


  • The GGA is the recognized hub that unites Genetics & Genomics efforts across campus in education, research, and external engagement.
  • We have one or more genetics and/or genomics graduate training grants
  • Many faculty in the 16+ PhD programs affiliated with the GGA have graduate students participating in the Genetics and Genomics Scholars (GGS) program without GGS fellowships. 
  • At least eight different 1-credit and at least two 3-credit GGA courses are well received by non-biology students, staff and faculty. 
  • Successful engagement with NC residents based primarily on working with middle school and high school teachers. 
  • Evidence that the GGA connection with the PDU as well as other GGA activities have resulted in more funding for Genetics and Genomics research on campus. 
  • Substantial numbers of undergraduates and graduate students have a deep understanding of both the technical and societal aspects of Genetics and Genomic. 
  • Successful certificate courses are being taken by undergraduates, graduate students and professionals from local companies. 
  • Successful GGA/GES national and international activities have resulted in NC State being recognized for interfacing of natural/social sciences and humanities. 


  • Success of the GGS program results in the spread of first-year, interdisciplinary graduate training programs across the university. 
  • Success of GES/GGA leads to more Centers, Institutes and Academies across the university that embrace co-equal interactions among humanities, social science and natural sciences scholars. 
  • GES/GGA model of broad interdisciplinarity becomes recognized internationally as a standard

Game-changing Funding Opportunities:

  • GGA/GES take the lead in a large, federally funded grant involving multiple universities.
  • A small or large philanthropic organization invests in the GGA/GES vision