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Latest Past Events

Interdisciplinary Professional Development Workshop: Managing Your Graduate Research

Plant Science Building Seminar Room, Seminar Room 1322 A.

Genetics and Genomics Scholars, AgBioFews, and Global One Health Fellows from all cohorts are invited to participate in monthly workshops on Fridays 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. The topic for the December 8th workshop will be Managing Your Graduate Research, learn about ORCiD profiles, literature review techniques, data management & sharing (GitHub), citation index (Zotera), responsible authorship, resumes/CVs/headshots, moving goal posts…

Jason Williams, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, DNA Learning Center

Stephens Room, 3503 Thomas Hall OR Zoom 112 Derieux Place, Raleigh

It’s Impossible to Keep Up; Career-spanning Learning in the Life Sciences Jason Williams, Ph.D., Assistant Director, Diversity and Research Readiness, DNALC Website | Twitter Abstract The shelf-life of skills is getting shorter in a rapidly changing, more interdisciplinary world. Interdisciplinarity is at the core of the need for continued professional development. Advances in data sciences, mathematics, chemistry,…

Jack Wang, North Carolina State University

Stephens Room, 3503 Thomas Hall OR Zoom 112 Derieux Place, Raleigh

Multiplex CRISPR-Editing of Wood for Sustainable Production of Biomaterials Jack Wang, Ph.D., Assistant Professor and Director of Forest Biotechnology Group Website Abstract Wood is the most abundant carbon biomass on earth and the major source of sustainable green fibers and bioproducts. Globally, 315 gigatons of carbon are stored as wood, representing 57% of the biogenic…