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How to Get an Internship

Are you an undergraduate student seeking research opportunities? Here is your guide for communicating with faculty members.

Identify research interests and potential faculty members

Once you have decided which department you are interested in working in and the types of topics that interest you, begin looking through faculty directories to find researchers who are studying the same topics. Many faculty profiles also include links to lab websites, publications, and other materials that should give you a better understanding of their research.

The Email

Use the following templates a a guide to your first email to your faculty members of interest. While the content of your email certainly does not need to match this template word-for-word, make sure to include key details like the specific aspects of their research that you find interesting, your availability, and attachments to give your reader a better idea of your qualifications.

Dear Dr. __________,

My name is  __________ and I am a [year in school] majoring in __________. I am emailing you because I am interested in gaining experience in your area of research. I have read your bio on your department website and I am interested in your work [on/in] __________ because…. 

I am reaching out because I would like to discuss the possibility of working with you on one of your research projects. I am available up to _________ hours a week during the semester (if seeking course credit, “in exchange for [1-3] credit hours”). 

I have attached my resume and transcript to this email for you to further review my academic and professional experience. 

Please let me know if you would be interested in meeting in-person or over Zoom to discuss research. My schedule is most flexible… (fill in your availability). 

Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to hearing from you soon. 


Mr. Wuf