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The GGA strives to serve as a resource to the wider genetics and genomics community. Please do not hesitate to contact us with feedback, ideas, or other needs.

GGA Committee Members

Fred GouldGGA Executive Director, William Neal Reynolds
Professor of Agriculture
Martha Burford ReiskindDirector of the GG Scholars Program, Associate
Research Professor of Population Genomics
Rebecca StojancicUniversity Program Specialist for the GGA and GG Scholarsrsstojan.ncsu.edu919.515.1651
Meg PugsleyPublic Communications Specialist for the GGA and GG Scholarsmnpuglse@ncsu.edu919.515.1651
Dahlia NielsenAssociate Professordahlia@statgen.ncsu.edu919.515.2586
Jeff YoderProfessor of Innate Immunologyjayoder@ncsu.edu919.515.7406
Anna StepanovaAssociate Professor of Plant Biology and Geneticsatstepan@ncsu.edu919.515.5729
Contact information for the GGA executive committee members

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