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Networking Event

The GGA will host a Networking Event from 2:00 – 6:00 PM on October 28th at the McKimmon Center (free parking). This event is open to all faculty, postdocs, and graduate students. Add this event to your Google Calendar!

An opportunity to apply for collaborative seed grants will be introduced at the event. More information on the criteria for the proposals for collaborative seed grants can be found here.

Schedule of Events

02:00 PM      Presentations, McKimmon Center Room 3

  • Highlighting interdisciplinary efforts on campus that are enhanced by and foster genetics and genomics research.

03:00 PM      Poster viewing, McKimmon Center Room 4

  • Opportunity to view brief descriptions of the specific research projects at NC State that would benefit from collaborations. (No one stands in front of their poster)

04:00 PM      Networking, McKimmon Center Rooms 3 and 4

  • A chance for faculty and students to catch up with poster presenters and others to develop ideas for collaborations

05:00 PM      Mingling, McKimmon Center Room 6

  • Food and drink will be provided. A chance to socialize and find out more about your colleagues.